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Infra-Red (IR) Cut Filters
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Precision Thin Sheet
Non-Glare Sheet
AR (Anti-Reflective) Filter
UV Cut Filter
UV Transmission Filter
NIR (Infra-Red) Filter
Anti-Bacteria Filter
ITO Coat Filter
Laser Scanner Filter
Light Guide Reflector
Light Guide Panel
DR-I Diffusion Reflector
DR-II Transmissive Diffusing Reflector
DR-II EL Transmissive Diffusing Reflector
DR-IIIC Light Diffusing Filter
DR-IIIS Diffusion Filter
DR-IV HSOT Light Scatter Panels & Shapes
Blue Ocean Front & Rear Projection Screens
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Flat Panel Components

Astra Products specializes in high-quality, cell-cast, coated and uncoated acrylic sheets and special coated films from single pieces to bulk quantities.
Precision Thin Sheet --- (poly-methyl methacrylate) affords unsurpassed optical properties, excellent uniform thickness (from .008 inch) and surface smoothness with high transmissive rates. Several surface options are available. Thicknesses as low as 0.008mm. Many colors, including neutral grays, are available.
Non-Glare Sheet --- optimizes display characteristics by diffusing unwanted reflections. There are four non-glare surface finishes. Available in scratch-resistant and with any coating and/or color. Clarex non-glare textures are mechanical and not coating-based.
AR (Anti-Reflective) Filter --- multi-layer coating prevents light reflection. Additional coatings prevent surface scratching and smudging. Our AR Coat Filter may be combined with non-glare surfacing to improve performance. Available in any color.
UV Cut Filter --- protects display from ultraviolet. Five types of ultra-violet absorption filters, from 370nm - 480nm. Available with smooth or non-glare surface with scratch-resistant option.
UV Transmission Filter --- transmits ultra-violet (80% at 300nm) and offers excellent optical characteristics without double refraction. Available smooth or non-glare with scratch resistant options.
NIR (Infra-Red) Filter --- transmits NIR and absorbs visible light. There are five types of NIR filters which transmit above 700nm to 820nm. Excellent optical characteristics without double refraction. Smooth or non-glare with scratch resistant option.
Anti-Bacteria Filter --- is a hygienic window filter. The specialized coating prevents the reproduction of bacteria. Optically excellent, it also has a scratch resistant coating, ideal choice for touch screens.
ITO Coat Filters --- provide a clear electrically conductive layer for EMI shielding. Available with or without non-glare surface in any color. Has antireflection and scratch resistant coatings. High light transmission.
Laser Scanner Filter --- designed to maximize transmission of 630 - 670nm lasers. Scratch resistant, antireflection, and antismudge coatings are all available.
Light Guide Reflectors --- developed for edge lighting LCD units with PMMA acrylic an excellent conductor of light with diffusion reflection.
Light Guide Panels --- for edge lighting LCD units an excellent conductor of light. These panels optimize the uniformity and brightness of backlights.
DR-I Diffusion Reflectors --- uniformly reflect and diffuse external light.
DR-II Transmissive Diffusing Reflectors --- for both ambient light reflection and backlight diffusion.
DR-IIA-EL Transmissive Diffusing Filters --- for both ambient light reflection and diffusion specifically engineered for EL applications.
DR-IIIC Light Diffusing Filters --- excellent white diffuser for light transmissions from 45% - 93%. Also available in custom colors and custom light transmissions.
DR-IIIS Light Shielding Diffusion Filters --- are specially formulated for direct backlight applications incorporating high bright light sources, particularly LED's. Available with light transmission ranging from 5% to 40% in 5% increments.
DR-IV HSOT Light Scattering Panels & Shapes --- are polymerized panels providing optimal inside scattering and illumination for the top surface from an edge light source. Effective illumination demonstrates a more than 30% improvement over conventional light guide panels.
BLUE OCEAN Front & Rear Projection Screens --- Newly developed structured and non-structured acrylic panels maximize brightness and contrast, accurate reproduction. Panels can be bent or formed and are available in a wide variety of thicknesses, sizes and coatings.
CLAREX Precision Products

Astra Products supplies optical quality coated and uncoated acrylic sheet. Coatings include scratch resistant, anti-reflective, ITO coat filters and more. CLAREX® cast cell acrylic sheet and our polycarbonate sheet offer a wide range of properties to enhance and protect flat panel displays including the use of light guide reflectors, diffusion reflectors, transmissive diffusing reflectors and much more.

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