CLAREX® Anti-Reflective Polycarbonate Filters

Polycarbonate sheet with CLAREX AR coating

CLAREX® Polycarbonate with anti-reflective coating

CLAREX® COATED POLYCARBONATE FILTERS - The Clarex line of acrylic has been expanded to include high-quality polycarbonate sheets. The nonglare textures are the same as the ones used on the acrylic product line, so it is possible to make a seamless transition to polycarbonate if necessary.

MACHINING / PRINTING - Available to customer specification.

  • High optical quality hardcoated polycarbonate sheets
  • AR Coated Polycarbonate 2H pencil hardness both sides
  • Available with any of the four Clarex nonglare textures (see table)
  • Available with anti-reflection coating
  • Available 0.8, 1.0, 1.5, & 2.0mm thick
  • Sold as sheets or fabricated to your requirements
Non-Glare Type Roughness of Surface Peak Count Count Area: 5mm Haze Gloss Value
EX30 0.70~1.12µm 180~250 7.0% 45
No.1 0.80~1.25µm 60~100 1.9% 55
No.2 1.20~1.64µm 70~110 6.3% 35
No.9 0.56~0.90µm 45~100 1.0% 78