• Can you find the CLAREX?
    Our sheet is everywhere precision counts. Anti-reflection coated
    filters, backlight diffusers, & custom light guide panels.
  • DR Series of diffusers & Reflectors
    High-performing display enhancements.
    Many options to choose from - custom cutting, too.
  • Specifications & Samples!
    Astra Products can help you find the
    best material for your application.
  • Custom Filter Materials for Displays!
    Many configurations available.
    Call or email for the best fit to your application!

What Does Astra Products Do?

Astra Products Inc., is a supplier of coated and uncoated optical grade acrylic and polycarbonate specifically produced for protecting and enhancing viewability of flat panel displays. We offer and stock many unique products and can assist in selecting the right material and design for your display, cameras and scanners. From samples to prototypes to production quantities, we provide a high level of service and support.

Astra Products supplies genuine CLAREX® cell cast acrylic sheet with optical coatings to reduce reflection, glare and to control many other aspects of touchscreeen technologies.

A wide range of specialized optical-grade plastic and coated plastic to enhance the performance, appearance and service life of display technologies.

The Clarex optical grade NIR-pass, visible-block filters are available in several different cutoffs, and can include custom-tuned antireflection coatings for maximum performance.