CLAREX® Low Moisture Absorption Acrylic

Applications include laminations and use for higher-definition printing plates

Significantly enhances display qualities for many applications

CLAREX® LOW MOISTURE ABSORPTION ACRYLIC - A great choice for laminating applications since the sheet will have less tendency to cause the laminated stack to bow. It has also been beneficial for printing applications, allowing for higher definition.

Type RH20 LA1-001 - 70% the moisture absorption of typical sheets

  • Minimize warp caused by moisture absorption
  • Tighter dimensional tolerances of parts is possible
  • Allows higher definition printing
  • UV transmission types are available
  • No retardation / No birefringence

APPLICATIONS - Low moisture content means higher-definition sheets for printing. Laminated items can benefit from lower retained moisture content.

THICKNESS - 0.2 to 2.0mm

MACHINING / PRINTING - Available to customer specification.

MM-100303 (RH20 LA1-001) 0.2mm, 0.3mm
RH20 LA-1
001 Over 0.5mm
Water Absorption Relative Ratio 1 0.7
Total Light Transmittance % 92 92
Haze % 0.1 0.1
Pencil Hardness   6H~8H 5H
TG TMA °C 121 127
DSC °C 114 119
Tensile Strength Rupture MPa 53 44
Elongation % 3.2 3.1
Flexural Strength Rupture MPa 67 62
Elasticity Ratio DPa 3.0 3.6

These are experimental measured values in 0.3mm thickness.
Specifications are subject to change at any time.