CLAREX® Acrylic Sheet Colors

Standard colors. Minimum order quantities may apply. Custom colors available. Contact Astra Products with your requirements.

CLAREX® offers a wide range of standard colors and can match your custom color requirements, too.

CLAREX® COLORS - A wide range of standard colors are available and are suitable for most requirements. If your project requires custom colors and transmission factors, our production specialists can accommodate virtually any color you require.

A Sampling of Our Wide Range of Colors
Color No. Color Total Light Application
001 Clear 91% LCD, PDP, EL, FED
N-127 Gray Smoke 23% LED
N-217 Gray Smoke 31% LED, EL, FED
N-159 Gray Smoke 41% LED, EL, FED, CRT
N-157 Gray Smoke 50% LED, EL, FED, CRT, VFD
N-119 Gray Smoke 63% PDP, EL, FED, CRT
N-298 Gray Smoke 70% PDP, FED, CRT
N-168 Gray Smoke 75% PDP, FED, CRT
N-2902 Gray Smoke 80% PDP, FED, LCD
N-150 Brown Smoke 31% LED
N-205 Red 17% LED, VFD
N-030 Red 9% LED
N-221 Violet 8% LED
N-219 Green 23% LED, VFD
N-250 Green 16% LED, VFD
T-981203 Red Wine 27% VFD
N-6401 Blue 21% VFD
N-6515 Green 29% VFD
N-8912 Aqua 16% VFD
N-8910 Olive 15% VFD
T-041006 Violet 32% VFD
N-851 Green 15% LED

*Total Light Transmission Values are based on information we believe to be reliable. It is offered in good faith, but without guarantee.