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Astra Products Inc.supplies coated and uncoated acrylic and polycarbonate specifically produced for protecting and enhancing viewability of flat panel displays. We offer and stock many unique products and can assist in selecting the right material and design for your display. From samples to prototypes to production quantities, we provide a high level of service and support.

Astra Products provides accurate, responsive service. Contact us for product information, application suitability samples and price quotations.

  • Astra Products specializes in high optical grade coated cast acrylic plastic sheets used for production of flat panel displays, architectural models, scanners, heads up displays and many other applications.
  • Our products are designed to solve problems related to reflection, lack of contrast, lack of brightness, breakage, scratching, vandalism and to enhance the legibility of information displays.

We offer a high level of expertise in acrylic sheets and optical films. We have extensive inventory of the products we offer, and we provide genuine CLAREX® materials, which are made to the strictest quality specifications.