CLAREX® NIR Cut Filters

Transmits visible wavelengths and cuts near infra red

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CLAREX® Near Infrared Cut Filters - These filters have been designed specifically for NVIS applications where it is important to minimize the amount of NIR light emission. These filters can also serve as NIR-Hot Mirrors.

Machining / Printing - Available to customer specification.

  • Transmits visible wavelengths and cuts near infra red (NIR)
  • Standard HPP600 coating design shown. Coating design can be modified to meet specific requirements
  • Substrate is hardcoated polycarbonate or cast acrylic, with IR-cut coatings both front and back
  • PC available 0.8 - 2.0mm thick. Cast Acrylic available 0.2 - 5.0mm thick
  • The standard HPP600 NIR-cut coating design imparts a blue/green tint in transmitted light, and reflections have a redish tint
  • Sold as sheets or fabricated to your requirements

Typical uses include cockpit/avionics instrumentation, displays, and illumination